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Established in 2014, Pro Bono HK is an independent Hong Kong based non-profit organization.  Our mission is to empower the impoverished, distressed, or vulnerable in our community to access justice so they can access opportunities on an equal footing - free from discrimination and unlawful, unfair, or unjust practices. We help ensure that everyone has the equal protection of the law and that no one is denied the ability to exercise their legal rights under the law due to a lack of financial or other resources. As a charitable tax-exempt entity under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, we rely solely on the generosity of ordinary donors and volunteers like you, without whom none of our work is possible.


Formerly known as the Hong Kong Centre for Pro Bono Services Ltd, in May 2020 we adopted 'Pro Bono HK' as our new brand identity. With a more succinct and clearer name that captures exactly what we are about and an exciting new logo, this also symbolises a new phase in our continuing adventure to serve the community and improve the rule of law.




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About Pro Bono HK

Learn about our mission to improve access to justice and legal literacy across Hong Kong, and meet our core team.

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Upcoming Events

Find out more upcoming events that you can get involved in, including fundraising events, seminars, our monthly legal clinic and much more.

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Whether you're a solicitor, barrister, law student or other professional, you can help make a genuine impact and better our community.

All the Latest Updates

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Support our Cause

Pro Bono HK is a small local independent non-profit organisation, and we rely on generous donors like you. Please donate and help those in need in our community.

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