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Community Legal Clinics

Our volunteer lawyers and student assistants work together to provide legal advice and assistance at our network of community legal clinics. These clinics provide direct legal help to the poor in our community, who otherwise would not be able to access justice. Our community legal clinics are held in partnership with other local charities on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

As part of our efforts to grow and enhance our legal clinic services to meet demand, we urgently need donations to create more resources and improve facilities for our clients. If you're able to assist by donating or volunteering, or would like to know more about our clinics, please contact us. 

Legal Literacy

In collaboration with leading law firms and ngo's, we create free resources and materials for the general public to improve their understanding of their legal rights and obligations and how to access lawyers if they need help.

We also host key educational and legal literacy events such as "Know Your Rights" workshop series. 

Our volunteers help to develop and deliver these projects and we need more assistance, so please contact us if you would like to help. 

Capacity Building

We believe that it is part of every lawyer's duty to do pro bono work for the benefit of the marginalised and disadvantaged in our community. To help the profession achieve this,  we engage in awareness and capacity building activities with law students all the way through to very senior members in the profession. Key projects include our pro bono roadshows, facilitating corporate counsel to do pro bono work, and our very own Pro Bono Charter.

As a part of our

Global Linkage Team, we also expand our knowledge sharing and build relationships with other similar charities globally. 

If you would like to assist and help grow the pro bono culture in Hong Kong, please contact us now. 

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